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Handmade loaves are made with  Wholegrain Milling’s Organic flour and natural sourdough bread process. There is no added yeast, preservatives, artificial additives or flavors. It takes 36 hours to make these bread loaves.

Main ingredients are Organic White, Rye, Whole wheat flour, Iodised Salt, Levain, and water.

Our unique Levain is made from organic white flour, organic rye flour and organic whole wheat flour.

             Organic Sourdough      

Pure Sourdough White Country Loaf
Organic White, whole wheat , rye flour, salt, water and levain
Sourdough Wholemeal Light Rye
Organic White, whole wheat, rye flour, salt, water and levain
Sourdough Wholemeal Dark Rye
Organic White, whole wheat , rye flour,dark true malt, salt, water and levain
Sourdough Soy linseed:
Rolled with seven grain mix
Organic White, whole wheat , rye flour, soy beans, linseeds, mix grain, salt, water and levain
Sourdough Kalamata Olives & Rosemary
Organic White, whole wheat, rye flour, Kalamata olives, rosemary, salt, water, and levain
Sourdough Fig & Walnut
Organic White, whole wheat, rye flour, dried figs, walnuts, salt, water and levain
Organic Fruit & Nut  Loaf
Organic White, whole wheat , rye flour, figs, walnuts, peeled orange, apricot, cinnamon, salt, water and levain
Gluten free Bread
Organic Besan flour, Tapioca flour, olive oil, sesame, yeast, sunflower seed, salt, gaurgum, honey, linseed, water

Yeasted Sourdough Bread

White Sourdough Loaf
Soy Linseed Sourdough
French Baguette
White or Wholemeal Square Loaf
Fruit Loaf
Turkish Bread
White / Whole meal Dinner Rolls
Tortilla Wraps

(Plain/Whole meal/Spinach)

Sliced or Unsliced Square (High top/Tin sandwich Loaf)

White square Loaf
Wholemeal square Loaf
Multi grain Loaf
Dark Rye square Loaf


Pave White Sourdough Panini
Pave Rye Sourdough Panini
Pave Soy linseed Sourdough Panini
Pave Wholemeal Sourdough Panini


Turkish Burger Bun(Soft)
Turkish Burger Bun(Sesame)
Sourdough Burger Bun(Crunchy)
Hotdog rolls
Milk Bun’s(New)

Brioche Loaf & Bun’s

Brioche Loaf
Brioche Raisin Loaf
Brioche Buns
Brioche Hotdog Rolls


Banana Bread
Banana Bread Pear & Raspberries
Banana Bread GF

Muffins(Chocó Chip, blueberries, white choc raspberries, apple cinnamon)

Tarts :Lemon,  Chocó salted,
Frangipani Tarts: Pear Or Raspberries
Orange Poppy Seed Muffin (GF)
Cinnamon scroll
Raisin Snail
Plain Croissant
Chocolate Croissants
Almond Croissants
Carrot / Vanilla /Mud :Slices
Portuguese Tart
Fruit Danishes: Pear, Apricot, Sour Cherry and Blueberry
Friands : Almond, Blueberry, Orange Poppy seed ,Raspberry)
Muesli : Toasted / Natural


Organic Sourdough: All orders for Organic sourdough loaves must be placed by 2:00 pm at least 36 hours before the expected delivery date. (E.g. For Wednesday delivery, orders must be placed by Monday 2 pm).   We highly recommend our customers to set up standing orders.

For Monday: Please order Saturday by 3 pm as our office is closed on Sundays.

Ordering for Yeasted Sourdough & white bread:

For other bread, please place the order by 2:00 pm latest, one day before next delivery. (E.g. for Wednesday delivery orders must be placed on Tuesday afternoon 2 pm latest).

Sliced Bread- Yes we do slice and charge $0.50 cents for a loaf

Deliveries – We deliver 7 days, there is no minimum order, and we charge $2.99 for each delivery

Payment – We will send the invoices daily with your order. This is a proof of delivery. Payment terms are 7 days unless agreed. Preferred payment method: direct deposit, cash or cheque.